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Wallys Guide For Healthy Eating

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Welcome to Wally Wheelbarrow!

Hi kids, my name's Wally Wheelbarrow, I am with my good friends, Timmy Trowel, Ruby Rake, Freddy Fork, Harry Hoe and Sally Spade. We are setting off on an adventure around the world to discover all kinds of fruit and vegetables!

Love Life, Love Healthy Eating!

We want to find out everything there is to know, so we can become experts, and when and how to grow them. Timmy and I will include a recipe on each page so you can have a go, cook with mum and dad and try these delicious dishes for yourselves.


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Wally is a new cartoon character and narrator of his book "Wally Wheelbarrow's Guide to Healthy eating". Wally will engage and encourage your children to healthier eating habits. Wally Wheelbarrow's Guide to Healthy eating is a book full of bright, vibrant, fun images of fruit and vegetables.

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We are obviously not making the right food choices or adopting the right lifestyle. What better way to ensure the improved health of future generations than to promote healthy food choices from a very young age. In secondary school, cookery and nutrition are studied in Food Tech lessons but provision in primary schools depends largely on whether adequate facilities are available.

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